Portland, OR
Paul, Zara and Andre ponder the time from beside a river in EgyptLorissa take a listen
reach for the skySaskia and Lorissa work it outSaskia in full gelato glow
Zara, Andre, Lorissa and Paul, head down townPaul has a great vantage point, Zara and Lara agree Zara and Andre putting the stamin in Pistil
Lorissa hanging out on Clinton StSaskia and Lorissa approachSaskia teaches Sam how to fly
Saskia chose wiselyhave you had this?Katja preparing herself
Lorissa at breakfastSaskia and KatjaElla gets a hand
Chris is readySaskia explains the situation to Sam
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Raleigh and Leigh
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Samuel Segal photo, taken 17 August, 2010 16:07:45
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