Late day hike up Cadillac MountainBy the campground in Acadia
Lorissa shoots, Chance stands guardChance and Lorissa walk along the road out of Blackwoods bridge hardware
Chance crosses the Wild RiverSam by the bridge over the Wild RiverLorrissa and Chance hike near the Wild River campsite in the White Mountains on our way to Maine
The Wild River in the White Mountain National ForestChance at Pemaquid Pointorange fence for Louise
Lorissa, glad she made it back to shore before the tide came inChance and Lorissa on the beachbeach debris
salt water on the beachChance enjoying the beachLorissa and Chance on the Beach
balancing driftwood at Morse Mountainbalancing driftwood at Morse MountainMike on the pole
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Late day hike up Cadillac Mountain
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Lorissa Segal photo, taken 19 October, 2009 15:10:22
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