David and JeannaDavid in the tunnel of fenders
David and Hal at Midge and DaneMark and David on the porch swingDavid lubes a /5 throttle assembly
David looking East onto the Columbia River in ORJudy and David on the OR coastEmerson lawn, following Sam and Lorissa
David and Conrad living it up (Larry Gold, not shown, was rumored to also have enjoyed himself)David on the Tote Goatbuilding or playing
David, moving fast, outside, with soupDavid and Emelia in the kitchenHal, Sam and David, keeping warm
David, Hal in the backgroundpumpkin harvestDavid and Judy on the porch swing
nice hatDavid, Nancy and Bekah, on the porchSam and David
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NA photo, uploaded 2011-08-11
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